👋🏻 Hello everyone. In this article, we will tell you about how Yandex repelled the largest DDoS attack in history.

🏆 20 million RPS (request per second). This record was recently set by a new botnet called Mēris (translated from Latvian as “plague”).

❓ What are the features of the new botnet?

🔹 Using pipelining in HTTP / 1.1 to organize DDoS attacks (confirmed)

🔹 Attacks are focused on the exploitation of RPS (confirmed)

🔹 Open port 5678/TCP (confirmed)

🔹 SOCKS4-proxy on the infected device (not confirmed, although we know that Mikrotik devices use SOCKS4)

📢 According to the company’s…

At the moment, DDoS attacks are among the biggest security threats affecting both large corporations (for example, Sony, which often fights against hacker groups), and small companies, for which DDoS is often an element of a dirty competition existing in the market.

Why will it be in demand?

Often, the quality of information security services provided by security vendors is non-adequate. This is by no means the fault of the service providers, this is not the case. …

Summer is the period of active vacations and relaxation, but not for the disBalancer team. We have been working hard to prepare highly-awaited updates for the best community. Today we are ready to give you a clear message regarding our future. Let’s speak sincerely!

From the initial stages, the key idea behind disBalancer has been the imitation of DDoS attacks to allow companies to test their resistance to potential real attacks. At some point in time, we considered the possibility of switching to providing solely protection services without committing DDoS attacks. However, the market is full of protection solutions addressing…

Decentralized technologies are providing huge opportunities to market players but, at the same time, most users do not understand how to use cross-chain solutions. disBalancer team wants to bring some clarity to our community regarding the cross-chain functionality. Cross-chain solutions are not as complicated as one can imagine. We want to show you that tokens may be transferred between different blockchains in a few clicks and the associated costs are minimal. To this end, we have developed the special instruction with the DDOS token as an example. So, read and enjoy becoming a cross-chain guru!

A Cross Chain Future

The recent bearish market gives…


disBalancer’s goal for the future is to allow people to act as nodes to contribute to repelling DDOS-attacks that remain a growing threat. According to the ATLAS security report, there were 10 million DDOS attacks in 2020 and, compared to 2019, this figure increased by 1.9 million. But the most terrible figure is that only less than 1% of the web is protected against DDOS attacks!

Using disBalancer navigators can supply their bandwidth to become a part of the network on which the website runs. This means that when a DDOS-attack occurs, it will disable only a node but not…

On May 29, Alex Horlan, Co-Founder of disBalancer, hosted the “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session. During the AMA he informed the audience on the disBalancer’s updates. We invite you to read the AMA Q/A section for better understanding.

Welcome, Alexander. Co-Founder of DisBalancer and one of the key players in the team. I think we can get right into questions. I hope you are ready?

As always. Let’s go.

How is your relationship with Hacken, do they advise and help you a lot?

We are working tightly with Hacken team as they are helping us in both technical and security…

We realize that high fees on ETH have become a serious challenge for investors. That is why we have decided to migrate to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) so that to make the token distribution process more accessible for our community. What is more, we will carry out the next distribution of the Disbalancer token ($DDOS) on BSC this Saturday, May 15th, 2021. From now on, high fees are not a barrier limiting your trading and investment activities in DDOS. The solution addressing the issue is already at hand.

We are also going to launch a bridge enabling you to trade…

A growing threat for companies

If you asked someone a few years ago about his/her opinion on DDoS attacks, very likely, the average person wouldn’t have anything to say. However, as our digital society keeps growing rapidly, so does the threat of DDoS attacks and their popularity. These distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks disrupt networks, service, services, and servers by simply using enormous amounts of internet traffic. The server cannot handle that amount of information and, thus, crashes, which can potentially lead to dramatic consequences.

During the pandemic, people and businesses have been forced to spend most of their time in the digital environment. The result…

DDoS attacks have become common in the modern business world. Large corporations, government agencies, SMEs, and other entities regularly fall victim to these cyberattacks. DDoS attacks actively spread across the borders and are often a tool in the hands of state-backed malicious groups.

DDoS Attacks: Legal Perspective

From one point of view, DDoS attacks do not violate the provisions of the UN charter since they are not performed against the territorial integrity of a state or its political stability. Also, when we look at the provisions of the Tallinn Manual, we see that denial of service does not constitute the use of force. However…

DDoS attacks have already become a significant barrier for doing business affecting companies operating in different fields. The damage they cause may be both financial and reputational. Not only SMEs but also technological giants may be vulnerable to DDoS attacks. Let us look closer at the biggest DDoS attacks on well-known brands.

DDoS Attack on Google, 2017

The DDoS attack of 2.5 Tbps struck Google in September 2017. It was a nation-state campaign lasting for 6 months originating from China and, at the time the attack was committed, it was the biggest ever recorded DDoS attack. Malicious actors were trying to slip past automated defences…


disBalancer — is a decentralized network that provides DDoS Resistance service and decentralized load balancer for infrastructure.

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