disBalancer Stays With Ukraine

disBalancer is a cybersecurity project based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We are not involved in politics. Our team admires the idea of blockchain and believes in the future with WEB3.

Unfortunately, our normal functioning was interrupted by the unprecedented violence in our homeland. Russian troops invaded Ukraine under Putin’s regime to destroy our nation and anything dear to us on February 24, so the project’s vector has temporarily changed. We wish you could never know how does it feel.

Don’t ask us how legal DDoS attacks on Russian propaganda sites are. Our cities are bombarded where children and civilians die. We are acting in coordination with the Ministry of Digital Transformation that initiated the Ukrainian Cyber Army invention to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

If you think that this does not concern you or disagree with our participation in fighting against Russian aggression, just leave us forever. Indifference is no less a crime when it comes to other people’s lives. We feel we are on the eve of something bigger by seeing the number of great people is coming to our project. Our team will be glad to see newcomers in the ranks of our community.

We do our best to contribute to ending this and hope justice prevails, so we return to our day-to-day functioning. For now, the only thing we think about is how to make this stop.

Glory to Ukraine!



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A decentralized cybersecurity solution that performs stress testing to identify DDoS vulnerabilities and protect projects against fraudsters.