Is It Safe To Use Liberator?

Is your data safe when you use Liberator?

A few days before, Avast mentioned our software as unsafe for use as we collect user IPs, usernames, and locations. The team has something to say about it!

Why can’t we choose targets and see them before attacking?

As was mentioned before, the software is designed to use user bandwidth to perform stress testing for businesses. That’s why we do not need to show targets to users connected to the app.

Is The App Efficient?

Firstly, the previous app showed the higher efficiency. The increased number of connected clients makes it not so important.

Does The App Contain Viruses?

We are more efficient in flood performing, so the app could be recognized as hacking.tool. We already had people who parsed the code on the chat, and they did not find anything malicious.

Can I see The Core Code?

Our solution was initially designed for b2b needs, but when the Russian invaded Ukraine, the team managed to use it to fight in a cyberwar. Therefore, we have non-open-source DDoS methods. So it is pretty dangerous to spread it on open access.



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A decentralized cybersecurity solution that performs stress testing to identify DDoS vulnerabilities and protect projects against fraudsters.