How to spot scam mirror websites (an open checklist)

  • A team does not exist, or there are no mentions.
  • There are mentions of people who do not work on the project. Sometimes scammers list influencers or crypto celebrities and even add links to their social media pages. They hope the user will not do his research. Just keep it in mind.
  • Sometimes there are mentions of random fake accounts. By following their links on Twitter or LinkedIn, you see they are probably blocked.
  • Once in a way, people who really work on the project you are interested in can be mentioned. So the best decision is to look through their official profiles closely and find the official project group there.
  • Social media links may not exist. Each project that cares about its brand awareness develops its social media channels and will definitely mention them on its website. If it is skipped, you are probably dealing with a scam.
  • Links on social media profiles are invalid or they have already been banned.
  • Links on social media profiles refer to enabling social media groups. But here is the question of whether they are real. It may be hard to verify by yourself, but try to find other pages related to the project using the social media search and compare their activities, official verification, number of followers, etc.



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