Saved AMA (25 January 2022) + extra answers

6 min readJan 26, 2022


A special AMA with the disBalancer took place on the 25th of January 2022. Community members were actively putting their questions on Twitter, and the disBalancer Operations Lead Alex (Sashko) gave answers to them on disBalancer official Telegram group. We thank everyone who joined this AMA, posed his question, and was active in the chat.

The conversation was so touching for all of us because we love our community and try to consider all the inquiries and positions.

You can find our last saved AMA below. Bearing in mind the number of the question was huge, we added a few extra answers hoping it would be interesting for those who have already seen the older ones.


Q: Are you already networking with possible clients for the future?

A: We are keeping in touch with potential customers, getting feedback to improve our services for solving their pain most efficient way. Most exciting partnerships are on the way.

Q: Excited to hear that. You guys have been working tirelessly even after the MVP release. I guess that’s a normal practice.

A: Yeah, that’s true, but the team grows, so we always have enough of work.

Q: Great work, guys! It was a pleasure to be a part of the beta testers team. My question is about the tokens reward for those who will use the app in the future (in production). The rewards amount will be fixed or we may expect its decrease with more people joining? Thx!

A: Thank you for participating. Your help is hard to overestimate! There might be two criteria for reward. It will depend on the benefits you bring to each load testing or the bandwidth volume transmitted (main criteria). We work on better stats, which we collect from our army, so the calculation can be another.

Q: Hmm. So each reward will be determined on an individual basis? The more you contribute the more you get?

A: Exactly.

Q: When will the next phase of product testing begin, and what will be included in that

A: We have already tested enough. There are some hotfixes and updates we may check out with our cyber warriors’ help. The next goal is to understand how the software runs on different platforms and devices with various system requirements (it is the most valuable info now) and implement more testing methods. The next phase of product testing is expected in the next two months. You can find this info on on the About page. Btw, we have cool guys behind our beta testers. Sometimes, I think that they never sleep 😂

Q: Currently, beta testing focuses on penetrating fake websites (if I am not mistaken). Is the defense of websites still planned? If yes, when do you think this feature can be implemented into the product?

A: The product is delivered to protect projects by DDoS load testing on phishing websites. It is just a piece of work where we found a great demand now. DDoS load testing will be available after a full product release.

Q: So you guys are focused on both aspects at this point?

A: Definitely, but stress testing first.

Q: How will DDOS stay out of the hands of bad actors? E.G. submitting non-scam sites for attack, or “hijacking” network for their purposes?

A: The system is designed to allow us to avoid a maximum of false-positive analyzes for an attack. Since all launches in the system are currently manual, there is no chance that non-malicious websites will get there. There can be our servers checking the load or WAF protection. The ability to “hijack” the network tends to zero due to clustering and blockchain technologies. We are doing a lot to make our service secure because we need to guarantee the safety of our clients.

Q: What marketing strategies are you planning to rely on the most to attract new business clients? (word of mouth, networking, web advertisement, etc.)

A: We will implement all the methods above! and even more. We get to know our customers to make the best personalized solutions. As far as we see now, there are at least two different customer segments we should work with, like the Business and The Army guys. It means differences in requests and pains and, of course, it affects our ad campaigns and promotion activities.

Q: Will there be a buyback or burn? Can you tell us about the burning mechanism of ddos when a client buys a service? And is there any more token burning plans for future

A: There are no resources and time to implement burn coins most efficiently, but we make it happen. We need an efficient and fair mechanism. Our team has come up with the idea of sending a percentage of the payment for the service to a dead wallet. It is a stopgap and the easiest way. But let’s see 🔥

Q: When CEX? Have you been contacted by major exchanges?

A: 😂😂 My fav question btw. Yes, we are in contact with big exchanges, mainly through Hacken. But, we are listed on, which is one of the top-tier centralized exchanges. We think we don’t suppose to get listed on smaller platforms. But, we need to do a lot of work to be even more attractive for them to receive a better listing option.

Q: Sounds reasonable. There is no point in paying high listing fees to get on a mediocre exchange that won’t bring anything of value!

A: At this moment, the listing price is too high for us.

Q: Could we use more than one Internet line (for example from friends too, to offer more bandwidth), or is it limited to one per person?

A: It is unlimited, but it is not necessary. If you are the only user from China, you will be more welcomed than a user from the USA (if there are 500 users from the USA who are in the disBalancer army).

Q: How big is the Team currently? Are there plans to expand in the nearest future?

A: It now consists mainly of developers and lawyers our marketing and sales team also expands. We are hiring a GO developer and a front-end (Vue.js) developer. If there is someone who wants to join the disBalancer team? if so, you might DM me :)

Q: How big means in numbers 😄

A: It is hard to count because some guys work on one-time projects, and some remotely, and some of them I have never seen. There are 10–15 team people.

Q: Is there a staking option planned for ddos in the future?

A: Yeah, we got a lot of suggestions about adding some minimal stake for participation in the army. So, we think about implementing it after major fixes with the client app.

Q: When the product will be finished?

A: If you are talking about stress test only, we hope to finish at the beginning of summer. But we have bigger ambitions than only stress testing.

Q: Can you give us some insides? Hot news, partnerships?

A: One exchange needs our services, but now, I am not sure we can say the name, but it is an excellent chance to show us the big scene.

Q: May DDOS anyhow help blockchains as well (maybe in the future)? E.g. Solana was struggling with ddos attacks recently.

A: It is a problem with the protocol, so the only possible way to help here are: 1) to provide more nodes 2) to perform stress tests for an existing protocol.

One more thing…

Q: Any chance that you could be flagged by your ISP or any other organisation when using the DDOS software to help test?

A: We think it is impossible to get an abuse report from scammers. At least, we have not got any during the beta test, and it rather would not be logically OK at all.

Q: If #crypto went through a bear for 12 months does the team have the funds/resources to continue building in this scenario?

A: Our yearly budget has been planned. If the crypto ice age comes, we will not feel weak. We believe that the power is on a good product, and that’s what we are focused on right now. Btw, we are supported by HackenFoundation, so there are no worries about winter. The market is cyclical, so there is no reason to fear.




A decentralized cybersecurity solution that performs stress testing to identify DDoS vulnerabilities and protect projects against fraudsters.