Is It Safe To Use Liberator?

3 min readMar 7, 2022


There are a lot of questions on how Liberator works.

Someone claimed our app is a pro-Russian tool containing viruses and attacking Ukrainian sources!

In times of war, such statements are apparent, but this does not mean that they are true.

Let’s clarify that!

Is your data safe when you use Liberator?

A few days before, Avast mentioned our software as unsafe for use as we collect user IPs, usernames, and locations. The team has something to say about it!

Firstly, our solution is designed for commercial purposes to provide stress testing to businesses making them invulnerable to DDoS attacks. As Ukrainians, we decided to use it in cyberwar against Russian propaganda websites as we just could not stay away from it. Together with that, plural apps are being made directly to join cyberwar.

So please, feel free to use anything suitable and safe for you.

Secondly, the app was not made purposefully for cyberwar. Moreover, we were just at a beta testing stage when these terrible things happened. We were collecting IP to provide the possibility to cover all the globe for better network distribution and higher service delivery. IPs also helped in remoting debugging and understanding why our previous client behaved differently on different devices (which is crucial as the main goal before segmenting for resident attacks).

Thirdly, our FAQ offers you VPN services to encrypt your data.

Would we advise you VPN if we wanted to collect your IP? Very unlikely. Use VPN!

Fourthly, we are not anonymous and avoid publicity. We do not hide our names and openly communicate with anyone curious about the project and software.

Can we afford to use someone’s data under these conditions? Probably not. That would be weird and thoughtless.

After that, here is what we would like to tell Avast:

It looks like you managed to have something to do with the Russian-Ukrainian cyberwar newsbreaks, so you decided to mention our service.

Well, we’re flattered. It is a pity that you have not stopped delivering your services to Russian consumers instead.

Why can’t we choose targets and see them before attacking?

As was mentioned before, the software is designed to use user bandwidth to perform stress testing for businesses. That’s why we do not need to show targets to users connected to the app.

To make the process transparent, we informed you about starting an attack (#ATTACKSTARTED) and its finishing (#ATTACKFINISHED) in our English and Ukrainian chats. Websites links/IP will be attached.

Furthermore, we list websites that were down every day.

Plural apps are being made directly to join cyberwar. You can choose targets yourself, which is sometimes bad because some users prefer to attack all Russian resources without solid research on whether they are propaganda-related.

Is The App Efficient?

Firstly, the previous app showed the higher efficiency. The increased number of connected clients makes it not so important.

Secondly, there is no need to run 10,000 threads with 10 active launchers for each target. The point is good protection determines the number of requests per second, and well-protected targets need a slow load. It often works better than a stupid attempt to clog a communication channel. So don’t be upset!

We will make a mode with a proxy and a turbo mode for this purpose soon.

Does The App Contain Viruses?

We are more efficient in flood performing, so the app could be recognized as hacking.tool. We already had people who parsed the code on the chat, and they did not find anything malicious.

Can I see The Core Code?

Our solution was initially designed for b2b needs, but when the Russian invaded Ukraine, the team managed to use it to fight in a cyberwar. Therefore, we have non-open-source DDoS methods. So it is pretty dangerous to spread it on open access.




A decentralized cybersecurity solution that performs stress testing to identify DDoS vulnerabilities and protect projects against fraudsters.