disBalancer: How it Works


DisBalancer, the second project to enter the Hacken Foundation, is an innovative solution that makes websites resistant to DDoS attacks. The product combines the power of Main Nodes managed by disBalancer and the rent out resources of users’ (‘farmers’) devices in a decentralized network of nodes so that the traffic generated by attackers is distributed across the network.The users (farmers) get tokens in exchange for their rent out resources while websites get protection from denial-of-service attacks.


The volume of internet traffic circulating every minute in the global virtual environment is rapidly increasing. More and more companies use their websites to interact with existing customers and win new ones. By disrupting the functioning of the website, competitors or criminal cyber actors may cause financial and reputational damage to the targeted company so that the latter may lose its competitiveness in the market. One of the most frequently used methods to crash a website is the conduct of a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. During such an attack a website is overwhelmed with requests overloading its infrastructure. The attacks come from multiple locations. DDoS attacks may be committed either by companies striving to beat their competitors or by criminal groups and individual hackers for requesting financial compensation.

The disBalancer network

The use of disBalancer allows companies to prevent denial of service by transferring the load from their network to our decentralised network of nodes spread across the world.

Main Nodes

At the core of the network are the Main Nodes that ensure the effective functioning of the decentralized system. The Main Nodes will be spread across the globe and managed by the disBalancer team.

User Nodes

The last element of the network are users that want to participate in the disBalancer network by supplying their free computing power and bandwidth in exchange for tokens. An owner of a smartphone or personal computer becomes a Farmer by connecting to the deployed nodes, turning their own device into a new node. The application is run in the background. Tokens are credited to users when the network traffic comes through their resources.

How to use the network to protect your website

To start using the service a customer needs to change his website’s DNS records to redirect the incoming traffic to the nearest disBalancer network nodes. Every node, in turn, can redirect the traffic to other nearby nodes in case the existing load is not sufficient to prevent the overwhelming of the server. As a result, our pool encompassing hundreds of nodes will be able to handle all malicious traffic.

The detailed mechanism of work

DisBalancer protects the websites of customers in 4 stages:

disBalancer — is a decentralized network that provides DDoS Resistance service and decentralized load balancer for infrastructure.