DDOS Margin Trading on Gate.io

One more huge step for disBalancer and our utility token!

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a real boom. Investors are interested in maximizing their profits when trading on digital asset platforms and margin trading is a tool that multiplies the power of their trading decisions. Recently, the leading crypto-to-crypto platform Gate.io has enabled users to apply 3x margin trading leverage to the investments in DDOS/USDT pair. The leverage allows users to use borrowed assets to get 3 times more profits within the same period.

The margin trading feature strengthens the functionality and attractiveness of DDOS as a trading instrument. The feature also allows investors to diversify their investment portfolio so that DDOS can get additional liquidity. disBalancer team wants to notify you of the risks involved when investing using the margin trading leverage. Although it increases the amount of potential profit a user can make, it also scales the amount of damage a user can face when the price moves in the opposite direction. That is why we strongly recommend you to read the guide on margin trading provided by Gate.io before deciding to use the margin trading feature. Please make only conscious trading decisions!

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disBalancer — is a decentralized network that provides DDoS Resistance service and decentralized load balancer for infrastructure.