Call of DDoS — we are coming!

Summer is the period of active vacations and relaxation, but not for the disBalancer team. We have been working hard to prepare highly-awaited updates for the best community. Today we are ready to give you a clear message regarding our future. Let’s speak sincerely!

From the initial stages, the key idea behind disBalancer has been the imitation of DDoS attacks to allow companies to test their resistance to potential real attacks. At some point in time, we considered the possibility of switching to providing solely protection services without committing DDoS attacks. However, the market is full of protection solutions addressing DDoS attacks, but there is a deficit of solutions that can imitate DDoS attacks. It’s a huge problem since the best way to test the company’s ability to address a DDoS attack is to commit this attack. So, disBalancer is an offensive solution that will protect companies by attacking them.

What is Call of DDoS?

The pains disBalancer solves

Target audience

How do common users benefit from disBalancer?

For example, the company contacts disBalancer team to order DDoS-attack testing. To pay for our services this company needs to buy DDOS tokens. To commit the attack disBalancer utilizes the resources shared by users. After the attack, all users involved are eligible to get remuneration in tokens. The more resources they share, the more tokens they earn.

The modern world is too complex to let you underutilize your resources. Our main objective is to develop a powerful community ready to take new challenges whenever demanded by clients.

Mechanism of work

Competitor Analysis

What about investors?

Project’s Roadmap

Our Mission

Overall, now disBalancer team fully realizes what we need to do to meet the expectations of our community. We are moving from ideas to real solutions. The next few months will be full of challenges and hard work as well as opportunities. The industry is looking forward to using innovative DDoS resistance tools. We are coming!

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disBalancer — is a decentralized network that provides DDoS Resistance service and decentralized load balancer for infrastructure.