AMA session with Alex, Co-Founder of disBalancer

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On May 29, Alex Horlan, Co-Founder of disBalancer, hosted the “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session. During the AMA he informed the audience on the disBalancer’s updates. We invite you to read the AMA Q/A section for better understanding.

Welcome, Alexander. Co-Founder of DisBalancer and one of the key players in the team. I think we can get right into questions. I hope you are ready?

As always. Let’s go.

How is your relationship with Hacken, do they advise and help you a lot?

We are working tightly with Hacken team as they are helping us in both technical and security aspects. Helps us with audits and security consulting.

Great to hear that Hacken is so tightly involved with the projects they have launched.

It’s a philosophy of Hacken Foundation.

Let’s keep it this way then. Next question. Will the disbalaner website be updated?

Yes, sure. At the moment we are working on the new rendition of the website with new design and added information.

Personally, I find disBalancer website the coolest one out there. Don’t know what might people find unsatisfactory about it.

Thanks. We have a great designer. He also designed our awesome sticker pack.

Let’s get to the next question. Do you think Disbalancer DDOS protection might eventually be integrated into Hacken services?

There is no reason. However, first and foremost we need fully working and functioning product ready to be deployed.

That’s kind of the idea of the whole Hacken ecosystem, correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes. Hacken go to the road of cybersecurity marketplace. And we hope to be a part of it.

Hacken community has a lot to look forward to. Let’s segue to the next one. What is the main focus for Disbalancer at this moment?

Currently we are conducting a thorough market research and getting the final concept of DisBalancer done therefore our immediate priority right now is detailed Whitepaper so that you guys can get the gist of what we are trying to achieve.

Would you say we can expect a new roadmap really soon?

We hope so.

Great to hear! Would be great to see more details on the potential of DisBalancer and the overall vision. Great Job! Next question. Does Disbalancer have plans for more exchange listings?

We find little to no reason to list on small exchanges. We are satisfied with having as our main Exchange at this point in time. However, it doesn’t mean that we are not negotiating new listings as we talk.

That’s an exciting one to hear. We like surprises. Getting to the question number 6 then. Will all future distributions be on Binance Smart Chain?

We find the current state of Ethereum network to be inconsequential hence our transition to BSC as the main network for HAI round distribution. BSC boasts both lower fees and faster transactions which is great both for ourselves and for the community in general. Consecutive distributions will also most likely take place on BSC.

Ethereum is quite unstable when it comes to gas fees etc. I can positively say that community did like the transition to BSC especially with tokens being dropped right into the wallet. Very convenient!

Yeah. at this moment eth not a best solution for a small transactions.

We are slowly getting through the questions rapid-fire way. Let’s continue the flow. Does Disbalancer have plans to go Cross-Chain?

Yes. We don’t want to be confined by one network as it is detrimental to both our exposure and to the expansion of the community as a whole. It is simply advantageous to have two chains rather than one. Every chain is good in its own way.

Will there be additional networks being added on top of the current ETH and BSC ones?

Maybe. We really like solana ecosystem.

Seeing Hacken partnering with Solana, people gossip about all Hacken projects eventually having SOL. I see. Here goes another question. Is the Tokenbridge almost ready?

Bridge is on the last stage of testing. Since we want to preclude any mishaps from arising, we are taking our time to thoroughly test everything out before deploying. We will release it soon.

I think most people will agree that it’s better to wait and get the complete rather than half-backed promise fulfilled. Great approach!We are breezing through questions! Another one is coming. Are you planning to have BEP-20 ddos on

We are currently negotiating with Gate about them adding BEP-20 version of DDOS. With bridge being deployed I think we also will have BEP-20 version of DDOS also running on Gate

Great to hear! Especially with HAI round distribution on BSC now, it’s reasonable to have bep20 version also on Gate. Here goes the next one! 10. Who is the primary target consumer of DDOS service Will the nodes be geographically assigned to the closest node or can we choose where we want our devices to connect and protect?

Nodes will be geographically positioned. You will have a choice to pick whatever node you want. Though the farther away the node is the slower data transfer will be.

By default the closest node will be chosen, correct? For those of us who are not ready to tinker with the nodes and stuff. The last ONE! Let’s make it count.

I am ready!

What if the bear market starts for more than a year. Will you guys keep standing?

Good question. We have no apprehension about market trend. The focus is on the product and making it work as intended. Clients will be flocking to use our service — we are set. We think that hackers with ddos attacks don’t look at the market trends.

With the current market condition you can’t but ask questions like these. Completely understandable. Also a solid answer!

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